Kowie Marine Services offer a wide range of services and products.  Over 35 years we developed from retail outlet marketing Yamaha range of outboard motors and boat accessories.  Backed by a high standard of mechanical support, we successfully serviced a large commercial and leisure fleet in the area.

Our years of experience in the marine retail industry has stood us in good stead when we decided, about 10 years ago, to change course and branch out into the manufacture of a variety of marine products.  The upgrading of and repairs to older Craft has become a speciality – particularly in the tough economical climate we find ourselves in.

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We are so blessed in this area of our inshore (line) fishing and can offer some exciting excursions to both the experienced and novice fisherman. Species available in the waters off Port Alfred are Cob, Geelbek, Dagaraad, Roman, Stock fish, sScotsma

Game-fishing in the waters off the Kowie (Port Alfred) is largely under-utilized, although Marlin are regularly sighted and the odd unit has been caught over the years. There is an abundance of Tuna – Yellow-fin and Skipjack – as close i